Phanes Payment Wordpress / WooCommerce Plugin for Venmo

Phanes Payments Version 2 – WooCommerce Integrated One Year License

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Therefore, we are no longer supporting this product. We did warn our merchants that this day may come and it has.

However, we are looking to create a new integrating to substitute venmo; so we can support our merchants further. Keep tuned.

Accept Venmo Payments TODAY!

Are you a WordPress blogger? or have a WooCommerce Store? Want to accept Venmo as a payment or donation? Then Phanes Payments have the WordPress/WooCommerce plugin for you.

How it works?

Most Basic Feature

Venmo Payments Donate with VenmoThe most basic feature of the plugin uses a shortcode where you can place donation / payment links on any page and post. Allowing your viewer to support your page with a donation or pay for a product or service.







Venmo WooCommerceWooCommerce Enabled

WooCommerce feature allows your store to accept Venmo Payments instantly. Unlike the other Venmo payment plugin, you do not need a Braintree Account to accept payments. The payments are handled as P2P, therefore no Venmo processing fees; unless your customer pays via credit card.

Features of WooCommerce Enabled

  1. Accept Payments w/o paying 3% fee, unless the customer decides to pay with credit card. Saving you, the merchant processing fees.
  2. Venmo is a popular P2P payment mobile app, accepting this payment method can increase your sales conversion rate.


Payment is automated, but order will stay pending until you, the merchant update the order status. Therefore, there is no instant payment notifications sent to your website. 


This plugin is constantly being updated to handle other features, therefore upgrades are available on a regular basis. Your license purchase grants support of product and upgrades. Once license is expired, then your ability to accept payments through our platform expires. License covers support and automatic updates for 365 days.



Order Process

Customer submits order and they are redirected to the order received page. They are notified that their order was submitted, but must pay through Venmo in order to complete the order.venmo


Once they hit the Pay with Venmo, then they are forwarded to the Payment Page.venmo

If customer already have an account, then they can simply login and complete payment. If customer are using their mobile devices, then they will be forwarded to the mobile app. If customer is not a current user, then they can opt to sign up for an account and sync their banking information to complete their orders.











Set Up is EASY

Setting up is easy, just go to your WooCommerce Settings > Checkout > input your Username, any instructions you wish to share, and enable payment. Under Venmo Note: you can add any additional note, though we recommend keeping {#order_id} and {#items} to help your order management.venmo


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