Phanes 3DP - 3D Printing Service Wordpress Plugin

Phanes 3DP – 3D Printing Service WordPress Plugin


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  • Maximum file to upload simultaneously is 5 files.
  • Maximum file size is 10 MB (per file).
  • Minimum file volume is 1 Cubic cm.
  • Upload STL files only.

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Start Your Own 3DP (3D Printing / 3D Printer / Rapid Protoyping) Shop or Farm with our 3D Printing Service WordPress Plugin. Provide Instant Quotes and Checkout Options to your customers on your site.

Our Plugin offers 3D Printing Merchants the ability to offer  instant quotes and checkout solutions. Giving clients an option to instantly checkout prevents them from shopping around for other prices. Other RFQ Marketplace platforms such as 3DHUBs, don’t cater to their merchants. Our plugin  accommodate to the needs to merchants and it is ever evolving to a growing industry still at its infancy.

Accept Stripe & Paypal payments from your customers.

Here are the other features:

- Shipping Options

- Can Only Accept Paypal & Stripe

- Bulk Uploads
- Add as many filament material attributes and prices

- Coupon Code
- Unlimited Upgrades for the life of a valid license

- Density Calculations
- Volume Calculations

- Delayed Price Quotes

- Preset Filament Materials and their densities

Order Management- You can provide order updates seamless. Provide order tracking in a new presentation style that’s clean and easy to understand


You can download and use our 3D Printing Service WordPress Plugin for free.

You can review our demo

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Here are the steps needed to get going:


  1. Install Plugin
  2. Add your Stripe and/or Paypal Credentials
  3. Add your materials, shipping, and coupons
  4. If charging by volume, then no need to activate density. If you are charging by density, then please activate. The density charge does (volume) x (grams/cm3) x (your rate) + (minimum charge) to provide quote
  5. This version only accepts STL file, we may add obj files just like our discontinued version; if we get enough premium subscribers.
  6. Make sure you review your max file upload and post sizes; to ensure your site can accommodate large file uploads. Speak with your host on this issue.
  7.   is the upload shortcode, is the cart shortcode, is the checkout shortcode. Just in case the plugin doesn’t automatically install the page.
  8. Buy the license, so we can add more features in the future.

Your 3D Printing Service Online Store is ready.

Our plugin is free, but buy the LIFETIME  license and get updates ahead of non-paying merchants.


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