Phanes 3DP Multiverse - 3D Printing Wordpress Integration Plugin

Phanes 3DP Multiverse – 3D Printing WordPress Integration Plugin


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Start Your own 3DP (3D Printing) Services business with this STL Calculator. Customers can upload their STL files, get instant quotes, and order online seamlessly by paying with PayPal. This is a basic version that charges the plugin user 8% for every transaction made + your paypal fees.  This 3D Printing WordPress Integration of our platform will give you the benefits of instant quotes without the restriction of managed hosts.


  • Able to accept Paypal, Stripe, other gateways coming soon.
  • Shipping Options, Coupon Codes, Bulk Uploads
  • MultiColor Javscript Viewer
  • Able to calculate STL file through Volume(cm3)
  • Able to calculate LARGE STL files thanks to our centrally hosted platform.
  • Customers able to upload files and pay instantly, no wait time for quote acceptance
  • Add as many filament material attributes and prices
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Check out the main platform at
  • Check our How-To to learn how to set up
  • View our Demo


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