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Lithophanes Lamp Accessories Kit.

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The lithophanes lamp accessories kit is an accessory for those who are buying the 3D Model rights to Lithophanes Lamp.

  • (2) 9-volt connector
  • LED Strip Light (4 inch long)
  • LED Strip Lights (6 Inch Long)
  • (2) power switch
  • (2) 3 inch 20 gauge wire

You will still need to get the solder and solder tin.

This accessories kit is to make two lithophanes lamp, if you intend to make more than two, then it will be cheaper to get the recommended parts at

Accessories Kit

  1. What you need:
    1. Our Lamp 3D Model for $9.95 for a lifetime license, which includes future model updates and variations
    2. A Magic & Shell Round Power Switch
    3. 9 volt battery
    4. 1 – 20 gauge wire or thinner (2  inches in length)
    5. 9 volt battery connector
    6. LED Strip Light
    7. Wire Solder Kit
    8. A 3D Printer
    9. Any 3D Printer Filament color, but translucent. Though White & Grey Colors have the best results.
    10. Patience and lots of it

Refer to our instructional page for further information to set up your lithophanes lamp. You can leave questions to be answered within a 24-48 hour period.


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