Managed Shared Hosting Users – WARNING!!!!

In the recent weeks, we have received numerous issues from users regarding php errors popping up on their header screens in their admin panel. Initially, it was suspected that the issue was the host servers of our users. Managed Web Hosting Providers cram thousands of sites into one server, allowing them to maximize the use of these servers from sites that are low traffic, under 1,000 visitors monthly per site. Because there are thousands of sites crammed into the server, they put strict php settings to ensure that servers don’t overload and all your site information is essentially lost.

Phanes 3DP Platform uses a lot of power to calculate STL files and provide instant quotes. Also, the PHP settings we have in the platform requires a lot of memory. When we first launched the platform, we did perform memory test and it was all satisfactory. We even tested the platform in managed shared hosting that use the sardine practice of cramming thousands of sites into one server. The latest version of Phanes 3DP is 2.7.4, it works perfectly. We also did a minor update on Phanes 3DP Basic (which is a trial run for users who can’t afford the Premium features and only pay 1% commission on sales generated through PayPal.)

Many of these issues are just warnings and only seen if you have debug mode live. So there should be no worry when these errors are seen. If you have any functional issues related to this problem, then please let us know immediately.

Limitations of Shared Hosting:

PHP Memory Upload and Post Size Limits. Standard limits is about 2-8MB, depending on your hosting provider. Many uploads are beyond 2mb and even 8mb, therefore if you have a user who wants to load a large file, then they are going to have a problem. Even with our instructions to raise the limits, may not be enough. You maybe required to upgrade your hosting account to increase your php features, to remove the upload limit obstacle and also the warnings and errors.

Version 3 of our product is going to be multi-platform and the actual calculator is going to be hosted at Amazon AWS cloud servers, meaning you can upload large loads of STL data without worrying about server overload. This is why our prices are going up slightly once Version 3 comes out. The beauty of Version 3 is you can either integrate the platform through the WordPress Plugin or just simply install a javascript widget onto your page. This will override all issues related to php limits with Managed Shared Hosting Merchants.