Density Calculations in Version 2 of 3D Printing Quote Calculator by Phanes

Version 2 of our plugin have a powerful density calculation. The default calculation is volume. Therefore, you need to manually activate the density calculation. Go to settings > general > and activate Density Charge


Just like that, you are now charging by density.







Now go to Materials Tab. There are 18 different preset filament types. You can easily edit the cost and density. The Cost are just figures we put in. The Density can be altered, but the figures are based on a filament density report we found online. When you activate the density calculation feature, the calculation will be based on cost multiply by density (grams / cm3) vs volume calculation is cost multiply by volume (cm3).

You can delete all of the filaments that will not be used. If you wish to re-add any filaments, just click on the plugin reset button in your installed plugins tab.


Now you are ready to do density calculations.