Phanes 3DP WordPress Phase Out Plans


We are phasing out Phanes 3DP Premium for WordPress August 3, 2018. Therefore, it is no longer eligible for updates. You can renew your license and we will continue to offer support and minor bug fixes due to WordPress updates until the end of your latest license renewals. The new WordPress integration plugin will offer users to use our plugin with our new platform at
Therefore, if you upgrade the plugin, then you will lose everything. Therefore, don’t update the plugin regardless how much WordPress bugs you; unless you are ready to migrate. We have handled most bugs on the platform and we are taking suggestions made to make the platform a bit more user friendly in the coming weeks and months.
If you have yet, tested our latest platform please feel free to go to:
Once we remove the plugin from the wordpress directory and add the new components, any updates will be for Phanes 3DP Multiverse and not our legacy product. Against, we will no longer support Phanes 3DP for WordPress for any updates, only minor bug fixes for the life of your license and that will be only for another 12 months. Give a try, 90 day beta free trial then its $14.95 a month for anyone who tries the Beta; then its $19.95 a month after September 2018.
Early adopters of our platform who joined Jan to April 2017, can enjoy $9.95 a month, if they e-mail me.

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