Phanes 3DP News – Phanes Sponsors 3D Printing Tonight & New Competitor Tables

Phanes 3DP Sponsors 3D Printing Tonight Phanes 3DP is proud to announce that we are sponsoring our first Youtube Live Talk Show with 3D Printing Tonight w/ Captain Bawls. The show focuses on the latest 3D Printing issues & trends of the week that is informative to the professional & beginner maker. The show’s creator is Dustin Phillips (JAT.MN), a passionate maker of the 3D Printing community and all around good guy. Phane’s commitment to the channel will hopefully bring in new merchants who seek to automate their 3D Printing business and continue Dustin’s efforts to educate the maker community. 3d printing tonight

Our New Comparison Chart

We have taken the bold step of listing all competitors of Phanes 3DP. Why? We believe in our product and are not afraid of listing our strengths and weaknesses. Go to the to view the full comparison

Version 3 News

Beta Test Version will be out soon and we want you to be the first ones to test.

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