Customize Your WordPress Plugin

Customize Your WordPress Plugin with Phanes 3DP

customize your wordpress pluginPhanes 3DP WordPress Platform is PHP based. You are free to make minor alterations to the functions of the platform. However, any alterations will void any support we can provide. Hopefully, this instructional will help customize your wordpress plugin

Why won’t you help me customize my plugin? We made the plugin, we take pride in our work, but we also understand people have different aesthetic tastes. In our future versions, you would be able to change color schemes of the cart and the stl viewer. For now, this is the best option that we can give to our merchants. To customize your wordpress plugin can be easy depending on what you’re trying to customize. Just requires patience and a lot of reading php and css coding.

You don’t like our template colors for your cart? Its a simple fix. Right now, we don’t have a color changing feature in the wp-admin section. Go to filezilla or any FTP program and login.

if you want to change it go to: wp-content > 3dpc > admin > css > public.css

For example, if you want to change the empty cart tab; then, change the hexacode numbers  that says, BACKGROUND
#pqc-wrapper a#empty-cart {
    float: right;
    padding: 2% 3%;

    background: #00214a;

    color: rgb(255, 255, 255);
    border-radius: 10px 10px 0px 0px;
    font-size: 10px;
 there you go, now you have changed the color of your cart tabs.
Take a look at our other documentation relating to Phanes 3DP WordPress Plugin.
Have a suggestion for our platform, please don’t hesitate to email with your recomendation.
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3D Printing Custom Facebook Tab Integration

This documentation will instruct you on how to create your own facebook tab. Facebook tabs have various purposes. This instructional will show you how to create a static iframe tab page where you can highlight certain pages on your website / store. For the purpose of this instructional it is to allow our 3D Printing Merchants to put their uploader page onto facebook so your customers can get instant quotes directly from your facebook business page.  As always, we are here to help our merchants in any problems they may have. For non-customers or just folks who are seeking to set up their own tab pages, we can provide limited support.

Step 1. go to: and create a new app

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

facebook tabs

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

facebook tab instructional

Step 2. Go to: settings and click on add platform, select Page Tab.

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

facebook tabs instructional

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

facebook tabs instructional

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

Step 3: Give your App a Display Name and an App Domain. Also, select which category.

Step 4: No put the URL of the Secure Page that will be feeding your upcoming Facebook Page Tab. Give your Tab Name a name, since its the uploader: just put Upload Your STL Files or whatever. Page Tab Edit URL can be your homepage or any page. then click save.Create Your Own Facebook Tab

Step 5: Go to Review and make your app live.Create Your Own Facebook Tab

Step 6:

Replace Your_App_ID with your App_ID found under settings basic. and YOUR_URL with Secure Page Tab URL and paste onto your browser. You should see this confirmation pop up on your facebook page. It will ask what facebook business page you want to add this tab in. Once the page is selected, click on add page tab. Job is done. Now you can offer your business services with your own facebook tab.

Create Your Own Facebook Tab

Facebook are geniuses who like to make sudden changes without advising their developers. Therefore, if the instructional does not work please e-mail and I will update this page on how to create your own facebook tab.

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