Marketing Your 3D Printing Business

Marketing Your 3D Printing Business can be complicated, but does not have to. The industry is niche and its easy to get your exposure if you are willing to put the effort.Marketing Your 3D Printing Business

  1. List your business in 3DP Directories/Articles
    1. – they have a directory listing division on their site. Its free to list and they got a category dedicated to 3d printer shops. Considering they charge an arm and a leg just to have an article published about your company onto their site, this is something I think its beneficial to the 3dp business community.
    2. – their list is free, but they will try to push you to become a paid member. i looked at their alexa rankings and even SEM rankings and its not worth the price; but its a good backlinks for your business.
    3. – I would suggest the free listings and if you see an influx of visitors, then pay for the premium.
    4. – they will try to push the subscription, i don’t think its worth it.
    5. – they list you site for users who are seeking 3D Printing On-Demand Services, similar to 3dhubs; except you handle the uploads, quotations, and checkouts directly through our platform.

I strongly suggest taking photos of your best 3D Prints on a regular basis, post them on pinterest, instagram, an twitter with the hashtag #3dprinting it will garner you followers and potential business prospects. The most this will get out of you is TIME an some ENERGY. Its worth it, if you are patient.

No guarantee that it will bring you the millions you seek from this venture and say goodbye to 3dhubs forever, but it will increase your SEO at least. Marketing Your 3D Printing Business does not have to be complicated. Just be patient and practice a lot of trial and error, you will see what works, eventually.