Set Up Your Phanes 3DP Widget for your 3D Printing On Demand Business

Set Up Your Phanes 3DP Widget


This instruction is to set up your 3D Printing Print On Demand business at

Please make sure the following is true when you set up your API credentials

  1. Do not put / after your domain ie: ; it will confuse the platform and will not let the widget load at all.
  2. Make sure you have a valid ssl.
  3. If you site starts with www. make sure you use www. or the widget won't load at all
  4. Do not put the exact page name where the widget will be placed, just the main domain and refer to advice number 1.
  5. Each API is registered to a specific domain, therefore if you have other domains, then you must register each domain.

WordPress Integration Instructions

Phanes 3DP WordPress Integration Instruction

Search for Phanes 3DP in WordPress Directory


Phanes 3DP WordPress integration instruction

Install Plugin, then go to Settings > Phanes 3DP Multiverse


Phanes 3DP WordPress Integration Instructions

Insert API Credentials from the Phanes3DP Api Section

Phanes 3DP WordPress Integration Instructions.

Create a new page, Click on Phanes 3DP Multiverse button. A shortcode will automatically be pasted onto the page.

3D Printing On Demand

You should a widget popping up like this on the custom page. Now you are ready to make money with your 3D Printing On Demand business.