Installed Plugin(s), now my WordPress giving me a blank screen

  1. If you are getting a white screen, then you may have one or all of the following problems:
  • An error being generated by a WordPress plugin (Most likely, if you can see your website, but can’t access your wp-admin)
  • An error being generated by your WordPress theme (Most likely, if you can access your wp-admin, but can’t see your website)
  • Some type of database error (This scenario may be a serious wordpress bug.)

For scenarios, where you can’t access your wp-admin, go to your FTP and go to WPContent. Right Click on the Plugins folder or select rename folder, and replace Plugins w/ Plugins-Old. Your WP-Admin should be able to work now. Go back to FTP and rename Plugins-Old back to regular Plugin.

In your WP-Admin >Plugins. Re-activate your 3DPC Plugins. If you have no white screen error, then start re-activating the other plugins, one by one. If you get an error, then that plugin is not liking out plugin. You have one of many choices after that:

a. Find a replacement plugin that agrees with our plugin.

b. If no suitable plugin replacement is available, then we can offer an immediate refund. We will fix the error in our next update and give you a notification, when the fix is done.

For scenarios, where you can’t access your front end web page. go to your wp-admin>Appearances>Themes. Select theme Twenty Six, Seven or Five. The Default Themes for your WordPress Platform. Check your homepage, if everything works fine then it was a theme issue. Switch back to your desired theme and see if everything is working again.

If the steps did not fix your issue, then you can do the following:

  1. Select another Theme that you may like.
  2. Speak with your Theme developer and see if they can fix the issue.
  3. We can issue a refund and notify you with an update that may fix your solution.

If the situation is a database error, then it is suggested you speak with a MYSQL expert and/or with your Hosting Provider.