Phanes 3DP V3 Sneek Peak Part 2

Phanes 3DP V3 Sneek Peak Phanes 3DP V3 is a multi-platform version. Works on any platform that supports javascript. We have tested this platform on wordpress, blogger, wix, prestashop, magento, shopify, and more. All the features you have with our wordpress version will be available for this multi-platform version. This new version will allow your […]

Phanes disclaimer regarding theJATMAN’s 3D Printing Tonight

For almost two months, Phanes has sponsored Youtube’s 3D Printing Tonight by the Jatmn. Per our agreement, our advertising banner and a link is displayed in all live streams every Wednesday. In addition, Phanes is under the agreement that we have no control over what “content” is discussed on the weekly streams. Therefore, Phanes does […]