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Phanes 3DP V3 Sneek Peak Part 2

Phanes 3DP V3 Sneek Peak

Phanes 3DP V3 is a multi-platform version. Works on any platform that supports javascript.

We have tested this platform on wordpress, blogger, wix, prestashop, magento, shopify, and more.

All the features you have with our wordpress version will be available for this multi-platform version.

This new version will allow your users to visually see their models change color depending on filament type & color that you have to offer.

The uploader is hosted by our server, so no more PHP modifications to allow your host server to process large STL uploads. Also, many of the issues with shared hosting accounts will be eliminated as the upload, order process is all hosted by our server.

Also, Aftership integration so you can offer accurate shipping prices to your customers.

Migration will be the only obstacle, as we are not creating a migration plugin to migrate your filament data and order data. You will have to manually input your features into the new platform.

Pricing structure will be different than the wordpress version, therefore if you wish to continue to use the wordpress version then you are free to do so until its license expiration. Afterwards, we will no longer support that version. For those with active licenses, you will be offered a credit to add against your balance for the new platform fees. The fees will be a bit more than what we currently charge, but much less than competitors.

There will be a plugin that links to the new platform, therefore if you wish not to migrate to the new platform then please do not update your plugin, as the new platform does not support version 2.7.5 | Once you update the plugin, you will have to put the api credentials to properly sync your site to our platform.

Reason why we are abandoning the wordpress platform is due to our inability to cater to non-wordpress customers. Also, one master platform will solve a lot of issues that many merchants had in setting up.

Enjoy the demos and let me know what you would like to see in the new and upcoming platform?

If you purchase the WP version right now, we will still honor your annual subscription into the new platform and save a few bucks. Go to and purchase your license TODAY!!!


Phanes disclaimer regarding theJATMAN’s 3D Printing Tonight

For almost two months, Phanes has sponsored Youtube’s 3D Printing Tonight by the Jatmn. Per our agreement, our advertising banner and a link is displayed in all live streams every Wednesday. In addition, Phanes is under the agreement that we have no control over what “content” is discussed on the weekly streams. Therefore, Phanes does not influence content on 3D Printing Tonight. We support this show due to the informative nature related to the 3D Printing community, this is what we sponsored.

As a relatively new player in the 3D Printing market, sponsoring a show like 3D Printing Tonight enhances our brand exposure and that’s our sole intention. Opinions made by the JatMN are his alone and not influenced by Phanes

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