Phanes 3D Printing Quotation Platform Demo

Phanes 3D Printing Quotation Platform Demo


Start Your Own 3DP (3D Printing / 3D Printer / Rapid Protoyping) Shop or Farm with our 3D Printing Quotation Platform. Provide Instant Quotes and Checkout Options to your customers on your site.

Instantly Accept (Paypal and Stripe) and other payment gateways, coming soon.

NOTE: This demo has a 20MB File Upload Limit. Premium Users have a 100MB file upload limit.



- Free Download
- 0% Commission for ALL SALES made through platform
- Shipping Options
- Can Only Accept Paypal
- Bulk Uploads
- Add as many filament material attributes and prices
- STL file uploads only
- No Paint, Epoxy, Acetone service offering


- $49.95 Monthly Subscription
- STL & OBJ File Calculations
- Zip Uploads of STL & Obj Files
- Able to accept Stripe, Paypal, Cash On Deliver, Pay @ Store
- Coupon Code
- Bulk Upload up to 100MB
- Unlimited Upgrades for the life of a valid license
- Density Calculations
- Volume Calculations
- Delayed Price Quotes
- Facebook Integration (Coming Soon)
- Preset Filament Materials and their densities
- Multicolor Java Viewer
- Easy API Integration
- Access to third party integrations.
- Paint, Epoxy, and Acetone Service Offerings
- Cloud Translation
- Order Management System

Phanes 3D Printing Quotation Platform DemoCloud Translation – Our old cloud translation api connection was faulty, so we improved it. Now widgets can be translated into 13 different languages. You can set up a widget show Italian and another widget to show Portuguese. Allowing your online store to accommodate different languages.

New Rates Basic merchants who wish to upgrade will now have to pay $49.95 per month vs $14.95. Our price is still competitive but no longer introductory. Merchants who are premium already will not see a price increase, but if you do notice a change please let us now we will fix the error.

New Payment Methods – Now merchants can accept cash on delivery and offline payments. 



Phanes 3D Printing Quotation Platform DemoOrder Management- You can provide order updates seamless. Provide order tracking in a new presentation style that’s clean and easy to understand. Much better than our old version.

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2018 Year End Updates 

Hope you enjoyed the Phanes 3D Printing Quotation Platform Demo