calculate OBJ files for your 3d printing service

2018 Updates from Phanes 3DP for your 3D Printing Service.

2018 Updates to enhance your 3D Printing Service

Our platform now supports OBJ calculations to increase your 3D Printing Service business revenue potential. STL and OBJ make up the majority of 3D Model files and after two years of requests and pleads, we finally are accommodating this file format. Why did it take two years? Our main priority was setting up a multi-platform service, as we originally only offered a WordPress product. This is just the beginning of our expanding product line to enhance your 3d printing service.

Merchants can now offer additional services such as:

  • Custom Paint Job
  • Acetone  Smoothing
  • Epoxy Service.

The new service can be offered at any rate you desire. The pricing is based on surface area calculation on square centimeter. Increase your revenue with this new feature.

Our javascript is more refined. Though, we are still honoring the old main.min.js format; but to have less bugs in the process. We recommend updating your embed code by going to your dashboard and copying and paste. WordPress users will not need to make any update, it will be automatic with the latest plugin update. This format update will make your 3D Printing Service run smoother.

Other minor features:


  1. Terms & Conditions - let your customers know you mean business by telling them what to expect in using your 3D Printing Service.
  2. Privacy Policy - Some projects require the ultimate secrecy, therefore put it in writing.
  3. Default Country - Simplify the checkout process by allowing your customers just full out the necessary information required to do business in your respective country.

2019 UPDATES??

  • Print Time Calculation
  • Infill Adjustment
  • Scaling Features
  • Custom Filaments
  • And Much More......