Phanes 3DP

Start Your Own 3D Printing OnDemand Service

Were you disenfranchised by 3DHubs? Are you looking to become an independent 3D Printing Service Provide? Want to automate your 3D Printing RFQ? Phanes 3DP developed a platform that can offer these solutions. Instant Quotes & Checkout with Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Amazon Pay.

  • Set your own price based on materials.
  • Charge by density or by volume.
  • Delay Quotes for the complicated projects.
  • Set minimum order price, so your bottomline is protected.
  • Upload bulk & large STL files 
  • Over 20 different currencies supported
  • Issue Coupons to boost sales
  • Select your own shipping options

Read our support documentation on tips on how to market your 3DP business.

Check out our demo site and upload some STLs to test the quality of our platform.

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What is Phanes 3DP?

A Wordpress 3D Printing OnDemand E-Commerce Platform specialized in providing a 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping Shop to offer Instant Quotes & Checkout options for 3D Models.

Constantly Evolving

When Phanes 3DP first launched, it was a simple instant quote checkout tool with no added features. Preset Filament List,  Astroprint Integration, Density Quotes, and more.

Coming Soon! Our Multi-Platform Version 3.

Recommendations are welcomed!

Recommendations from our merchants is important. We strive to make your product experience a positive one.


Instant Quotes & Checkout

Increase sales conversions by offering instant quotes & checkout options.

Powerful Calculations

Our platform calculates STL files either by volume or density. Allowing merchants to offer accurate instant quotes

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept payments from popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Amazon Pay.

Multiple Currencies

Our platform allows merchants to accept over 20 currencies.

See full currency list

Astroprint Integration

Seamlessly send your orders to Astroprint for seamless Order Fulfillment

Unlimited Support

Receive unlimited support for the life of your license

Phanes 3DP Basic
Per Transaction + Paypal Fees

Self Hosted

Unlimited Transactions

Astroprint Integration

Only Accept Paypal

Bulk Uploads

Delayed Price Quotes

Density Quotes

Multiple Currencies

Phanes 3DP Hosted

Hosted by

Unlimited Transactions

Astroprint Integration

Accept Paypal, Stripe, Square, & Amazon Pay

Bulk Uploads

Delayed Price Quotes

Density Quotes

Multiple Currencies

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